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_jaye marsh

_image and word design

Tagline – Design is communication.


Graphical treatment of the word design with rainbow holographic outline on a black shape

I am a freelance communication designer with a specialty in words. How they look, what they convey, how they make the reader feel. Skillfully combined with the power of image, I set your words and ideas into action.


Graphical treatment of the word identity made to look like it is burned into wood

_branding design — logo design, copy writing and tone, social media planning, email campaigns, outdoor signage, and other business communications strategies from print to digital.

Graphical treatment of the word typography where the shape of the word mimics how it is spoken

_editorial design — layout, typography, image direction, copy writing, and design of any print or digital communications.

_book design — interior layout, cover design, and most levels of editing.