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I am a visual editor and a manuscript editor. Smoothing the connections you need to make with your audience, whether through word or image, and often both.


I have a background in design and am a trained editor, capable of shepherding your manuscript from the development stage through copy editing and proofreading.


I am also a performer and bring my knowledge of drama and presentation to all of my projects, merging art forms to create an experience for your audience that is most effective for your project.


Business publications, creative writing, visual components, I will help you show your best self to your audience.


Take a scroll through my portfolio pages, voice and vision, for some samples of what I can do and read through my service page for more of how I can help your materials sing.


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Jaye Marsh Mus.Bac. Performance (UofT); Editing Certificate (Simon Fraser U.); Design Assistant (Ken Marsh Grfx)


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The Red Scribbler is Jaye Marsh, an editor, professional flutist, designer, writer, and type nerd. Need your words to sing? Could your book project use a shepherd? Does your layout or logo need an accomplished hand?