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Project Editing

Need a shepherd for your manuscript? Need help finding all the right people that make a project special and someone to speak "printer speak"? I can help!

Juggling all the things is my specialty.

Design Editing

Document layout: program, flyer, manual, poster, postcard, invite;

Design consultation: evaluate design and visuals, determine graphic needs, lead a design team; Logo/brand design

Structural Editing

Evaluating work for structure, style, design suggestions, purpose, and audience; Provide suggestions and partnership to bring manuscript to life.

Copy Editing (aka Word Magic)

Edits and suggestions for grammar, flow, consistency. Matching headlines, graphics, tables, numbers. Checking for logic, character consistency, tone, style, legal issues. Document finalizing and formatting.


Detailed proofing of final piece. Comparison to previous mark up or dry proofing. Checking for correct images and graphics, spacing, line breaks, typography, omissions, numbers, headers


Copy writing for marketing materials, book reviews, synopses, white papers.

other specialties: music, medieval topics, woodworking, photography, fine art, design, film industry, children, academic papers

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The Red Scribbler is Jaye Marsh, an editor, professional flutist, designer, writer, and type nerd. Need your words to sing? Could your book project use a shepherd? Does your layout or logo need an accomplished hand?